Hey Girl!

You deserve to be your best. So why wait til you're older?

Some solid role models and at least one non-parent adult to accompany your on your journey makes a big difference. 
Enough is enough — it’s time to silence that self-doubt and be your best self!


Life Coach for teens in Farmington, CT

Confidence is not conditional.

Do you ever feel desperate?
Do you feel sick of hearing your inner critic get in the way of your success and happiness?

Students Taking Exams


Smart, ambitious young women with a lot on their plate who need encouragement along with skills for managing their stress, their time and their relationships.

Young women who need to learn to trust their intuition and their inner coach and ignore that inner critic that keeps them from feeling braver.

Young women heading to college and feeling fearful or unsure of themselves and their future.

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To identify what an inner critic is and how it shows up to block your progress and skew your mindset

Ways to challenge negative thinking

Ways to develop an inner coach

Tips and tools for managing stress
and anxiety


How to be productive but not a perfectionist


How to identify healthy friendships and relationships and set healthy boundaries


If you are ready to take action and invest in yourself, then go ahead — apply today.


Are you ready to crush self-doubt with Strong Women Get Stronger teen confidence coach? 

You will get everything you need to quickly become the confident young woman you deserve to be!


1 hour-long deep dive session to set goals


1:1 Coaching sessions (online or in person) 2x/month, 45-minutes each (Value: $275 per session)

Anxiety Journal (Value: $19.95)

Continued Support and encouragement every week through texting apps and email (Value: $invaluable)


$497 per month. Cancel anytime.


Confidence is not conditional.


What if digging into this brings up uncomfortable feelings?

Not dealing with the experiences that have shaped us and the feelings that come with them is like carrying a backpack full of rocks uphill. You feel a weight even if you pretend there is no backpack. It is always there. And it makes things harder than they need to be. Taking rocks out of the backpack will feel weird at first. You’re so used to carrying it around. But, ultimately, think about what that lack of weight will do for you. Think about the relief. Think about how that hill will feel without that weight!

If I change, how will people respond? Will they resent me or be jealous?

We have all heard about the partner who starts bringing home our favorite unhealthy foods when we have finally lost 20 pounds. They are worried they will lose us. Our new found confidence threatens them in some way. Research indicates that if one person changes in a system, loved ones will change too. If we can hold fast to our new behaviors, others will ultimately be inspired and make shifts too. And, the ones that don’t will be seen in different ways. Sometimes relationships fall away because they are supposed to--for our greater good.

Do I really need this kind of coaching?

Elementary-aged girls have confidence and bravery and a natural comfort level in taking risks and being bold. But something happens along the way and societal norms take hold. Girls are socialized to tone themselves down. Fitting in becomes more important than standing out. In middle school, boys are favored as stronger, smarter in science and math and girls begin the downward slide into relying on external validation. We start to wonder: do I fit in? Do I have enough friends? Am I skinny enough, pretty enough, sexy enough? Do I have good enough grades without offending anyone? It’s no wonder teens are showing up with more anxiety and suicidal ideation than ever before. So much to keep track of! But with good coaching, we can challenge our mindset. We can rewrite old patterns of thought and shift labels and behaviors to silence that inner critic and build new confidence in our core abilities and strengths.

Why now?

There is no better time to overwrite 20 years of past conditioning. Now is your time to shift feelings of suppression, undermining, being held back, feeling shameful or not being good enough. I will help you build unconditional confidence that comes from the inside so you will feel powerful, unapologetic and proud of your accomplishments. Being a confident woman doesn’t mean acting like a man. Woman do value relationship. We do value what others think. But we can use that to get ahead, not keep ourselves small. You don’t need to become aggressive and pushy, but you do need to learn to recognize when you are playing to the inner critic instead of to your strengths.