Why Confidence?

Enough is enough — it’s time to silence that self-doubt and believe in yourself.

Because confidence comes from within!

We can't always change what happens outside of us.

But we absolutely control what's inside of us. 




It can come from conditional things in our external world like success in our jobs,

or if we are married or not, or how many kids we have raised or the amount in our bank accounts.
But these variables shift and change.

What is important is developing confidence within.

The kind of confidence that comes from our internal wisdom, our knowing of ourselves.

The kind that makes us show up for ourselves.

Having our own backs!

Inner confidence is us valuing the things we value for us and not for our parents

or our neighbors or our religious leader.

When we are confident

we can set healthy boundaries and can be good role models for our children.

When we are confident, we tend to be more assertive, going for things we want and desire. 

With confidence, we can venture into new experiences trusting ourselves over

needing to trust the outcomes. 

Confidence is usually lower when we struggle with things like: people-pleasing, codependency,

social anxiety, general anxiety, a strong and loud inner judge, fear of failure, negative or fixed mindset and more. Confidence can be high in some areas and low in others. 

The good news is


confidence can always be increased and improved! 

I can help!



Confidence is not conditional.